Monday, April 2, 2012

Kayak practice or Dora?

It's monday evening... we missed the roll session at the local pool last monday due to wall bouncing overstimulated adhd type behavior. Charlotte (barely 4 years old,) participated in a super fun circus camp all last week, but trying to rally to practice our kayaking after day one of circus camp was just not going to happen! When she concentrates, she accomplishes amazing things! The week before, she learned how to paddle backwards in a straight line, and to stop her momentum when paddling forward. Awesome! When she's not focused though... bleh... it's just frustrating for both of us!
     Charlotte began begging for a kayak when she was two years old. She is now the proud owner of a bright pink Fluid Vaya (kids sit on top) kayak. It was her big fourth birthday present, though we gave it to her a few months early so that she could have as much experience in the pool as possible before river season hit.
     And tonight... we were both so excited to go paddle! It's April, there are only four more roll sessions left before the pool kicks us out & we have only the cold & swift river, (or cold & still ponds) to paddle on. We were gonna make the best of every roll session left! Yet this afternoon met us with the challenge of a runny nose & a sore throat... Poo. So, instead of loading up the boats & the swimsuits, we are curled up under fuzzy blankets, dosed on vitamin C and echinacea, drinking a warm cup of hot lime & honey, and spending the evening with our favorite digital friend, Dora the Explorer. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow, and sometimes the flow just circles in a Dora eddy for a little while...


  1. i had no idea you could take the little ones to the roll sessions @ the pool ;) get better Charlotte!

  2. Yeah, plans do change when things come up with your kids, like illness and such. Totally normal at barely 4 years old for her to have many moments where she does not concentrate. Your daughter is lucky to have these experiences like skiing, boating etc.. most parents I must admit, including myself, have not allowed my child to participate in these activities. The "outdoor" activities my daughter (she is 5 1/2 years) and I do is gardening and going to the park or the zoo. I think this next year I will take her skiing because I know she wants to. I keep my kid mostly involved with dance (ballet, african dance, etc..) and currently swimming. It's funny as parents we get our kids involved with things we love to do :)